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FLYSAFE 2014 Training



FLYSAFE has just announced their next 2014 Aerial Photography Safety and Training Workshop to be held May 2nd-4th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have been huge fans of this for people of all skill and knowledge levels interested in radio controlled aerial photography and cinematography. This is the place to take it to the next level for yourself. The workshop is a hands-on rigorous 3 day course that includes classroom work, simulator practice, a written exam and a live flight exam. Attendees who pass the written and the flight exam leave with two certificates of completion. The weekend includes special segments from industry experts, product giveaways and live flight demonstrations of helicopters, multi-rotors and fixed wing aircraft. Hope to see you all there!




Water Sports Action

Here is a passion project Capturing water sports from the air & brings the action to life like never before! The super wide lens makes it look big but believe it or not, we shot everything under 100ft AGL! We spent an evening with MN Inboard out on Lake Minnetonka shooting a couple of professional wakeboarders behind two 2013 Malibu Wakesetters. These guys and gal put on a heck of a performance for us and the boats were equally as impressive! Enjoy the slow motion footage as well. Everything was shot using SONY NEX-7 and SONY FS700.

New Construction Aerial Photography

This is a shot today of the new Regatta Wayzata Bay Residence building project in full swing in beautiful downtown Wayzata, Minnesota. Adolfson & Peterson is the construction management firm and is expected to complete construction by 2015. It’s about place. It’s about lifestyle. Located in the heart of downtown Wayzata, The Regatta Wayzata Bay Residences offers a gracious and upscale lifestyle just steps away from everything this Lake Minnetonka town has to offer. Visit for more information.

Downtown Wayzata, MN Regatta 2015_Fly Boys Aerials

A demo…you say???

Since we were on WCCO Channel 4 news, people have been asking to see our work. They say they want a demo. So…..we are headed out to shoot on Friday. Our Pilot and seasoned Heli expert Rob Cherry will be coming out with us to shoot more footage. We plan to take the photoship out for a day of shooting. We plan to shoot architecture, construction, real estate, landscapes, people, sky lines, events and anything else that comes to mind. If you have an idea of what you think would be a great look from the sky, tell us! Sweet demo to come!