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Water Sports Action

Here is a passion project Capturing water sports from the air & brings the action to life like never before! The super wide lens makes it look big but believe it or not, we shot everything under 100ft AGL! We spent an evening with MN Inboard out on Lake Minnetonka shooting a couple of professional wakeboarders behind two 2013 Malibu Wakesetters. These guys and gal put on a heck of a performance for us and the boats were equally as impressive! Enjoy the slow motion footage as well. Everything was shot using SONY NEX-7 and SONY FS700.


More Shooting!

It has been an incredible month shooting all kinds of exciting activities including premier golf courses, professional wake boarders and wake surfers! We are really liking how our new SONY 10-18mm lens is looking, very crisp and clear. Here are a couple of shots of the action.

Fly Boys Air Golf Course Shoot Fly Boys Air Wakeboard Shoot Malibu 1 Fly Boys Air Wakeboard Shoot Malibu