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A Crazy weekend

A Short introduction

As you may or may not know, Fly Boys is a brand owned by EideCom Media in Minneapolis, MN. Over the past few years EideCom has developed some incredible clients. One of them is the Team Ortho Foundation. The Team Ortho Foundation is a Minnesota Based non profit company that puts on the best races in the Twin Cities. They have grown so much over the past couple years that they are now putting on races in Chicago, and soon to be other locations around the US. EideCom started was initially hired by Team Ortho to shoot some of its races. As Team Ortho grew, so did EideCom. Fly Boys is a new brand owned by EideCom that was sparked from the idea of getting great aerial footage to supplement the great production we were already doing on the ground.

This past weekend

This past weekend we shot our first race with Team Ortho using the Fly Boys Heli. After weeks and weeks of preparing the heli for shooting the race, we finally did it. The Race was Go Commando. Its an adventure race similar to the Tough Mudder race, but in our opinion, much better. Our Pilot Rob Cherry along with our ground crew showed up early in the morning and got setup to do some killer aerial shooting. The EideCom Crew caught all of the action on the ground while the photoship got the action from the sky. Is was an amazing day packed with tons of action. Stay tuned to see the footage.

The 48 Hour film Fest

All week we had been preparing to shoot the Go Commando race for Team Ortho. On Friday we got a call from Amanda Day (local actress) telling us she was on a team that was competing in the 48 hour film festival. The Team lead was Sean Skinner of RED23Films and WCCO channel 4 news, a local CBS affiliate. We found out the the majority of the team was comprised of some pretty incredible local talent, from the production crew, to the talent on camera. Amanda asked us if we would be willing to bring the FLY BOYS Helicopter out to shoot some RC Heli Aerial footage. We were honored to be invited to be a part of the team, so after we finished filming Team Ortho‘s Go Commando Race, we headed out to shoot for the WCCO Film Team.  As we were unloading and getting ready to get the RC Heli in the air, a WCCO Channel 4 news team showed up to shoot a story on the project. We were very excited to be featured in that story twice this weekend. Here is a link to watch that video:


Hello world!

Welcome to the new Fly Boys Site! Much more to come. Here is a little bit about us.

Are you ready to add production value to a project? Get shots you never thought possible, or in budget? We have a soloution that gets amazing low range aerial photos, video and cinematic video. Our Gyro stabalized custom camera mount made by the best in the industry, Photoship One, is fixed to the nose of an Align T-Rex 700E outfitted with a Helicommand helicopter stabalization system. We can get shots that real helicopters can’t get, and shots that dolly’s and jibs wish they could get. This is a fully custom aerial photo and video system that is ready for deployment anywhere in the world within hours. The system is light, compact and very unique. It requires 1 pilot and 1 camera opperatior. We are Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and travel worldwide. Contact us by calling 1-877-550-3433 x99 or email 

The Equipment

Hull: Align T-Rex 700E with custom extended landing gear
Helicopter Gyro stabalization: Helicommand HC3SX (The best in the world)
Camera Mount and Gimbal: Photoship One 3X Pro V2
Helicopter control: Futaba 7C
Camera Control: Futaba 7C