Radio Controlled Aerial Cinematography


Below you will see the safety guidelines that all of the FLY BOYS staff including pilots, crew, and camera operators adhere to.



  1. The Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command is at all times the final authority over the helicopter and shall be in command over all flight operations and/or related activities.
  2. The Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command shall have the final authority to abort any flight operation in the interest of safety. Abort signals shall be specified ahead of time.
  3. The Pilot must have a current AMA Membership.
  4. The Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command shall notify the FAA if the helicopter intends to fly near or within restricted and/or controlled airspace.
  5. The Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command shall check the location to determine if there are any potential radio frequencies or electrical transmission that could interfere with or affect the safe operation of the helicopter.
  6. the Helicopter must be flown by a qualified pilot who has demonstrated his/her abilities before the actual paid flight.
  7. 12 flights with the actual rig must be completed before the flying of the system on a real production
  8. Before takeoff, batteries must be verified as fully charged
  9. Before takeoff, all connections must be verified as correct, balance must be checked, and signal must be confirmed
  10. .
  11. The Helicopter pilot may not operate the camera unit while flying the helicopter.
  12. The Helicopter must not be flown over people, crowds, densely populated areas unless special arrangements have been made
  13. In the event of a power loss, signal loss, or mechanical failure, the pilot must make every attempt to keep the safety of people and property as the highest priority. The Helicopter may be crashed, or destroyed in the attempt to keep the safety of people and operators.
  14. If the remote controlled helicopter is to be used indoors, extreme caution shall be taken. Indoor conditions (e.g., increased heat resulting in reduced air density) could adversely affect flying characteristics. Additionally, interior sets, walls, ceiling beams, lighting equipment, HVAC equipment etc., will be a hazard.
  15. Both Camera Operator and Pilot must have the ability to communicate via verbal or two way radio.
  16. If there is a question as to safety of any aerial filming sequence involving low camera shots near cast or crew members an additional briefing and/or Safety Meeting shall be held between the Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command and concerned persons.
  17. The Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command shall be notified by the appropriate department head, if any equipment is added and/or altered that may present a potential hazard for the aircraft.
  18. Unless directed by the Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command, no person shall approach the helicopter without permission, whether running or not.
  19. During operation, never walk near the main or tail sections of the rotor blades. All equipment (e.g., cameras, lights, sound booms etc.) shall be placed a safe distance away from the operating helicopter, whether running or not.
  20. The landing area should be cleared of debris. Never, under any circumstance, throw anything such as grip tape, clothing, paper, etc. around the helicopter, whether running or not. Loose clothing, trash, or anything that may hinder the operation of the helicopter, shall be checked.
  21. The Helicopter shall not be flown laterally within 10 feet of any person
  22. The Helicopter must be checked for balance before takeoff
  23. The pilot may not speak with anyone other than the camera operator during flight
  24. The Helicopter Pilot has the final authority and responsibility for the flight of the helicopter
  25. In the event of damage caused to the helicopter, camera or other equipment, a report must be filled out, explaining the details of the occurrence.
  26. All Flights must be logged in the logbook


  1. The Production Company shall notify the Film Permit Office and/or appropriate governmental agency that a remote-controlled helicopter is being used in the production and any special provisions or precautions required shall be followed.
  2. When Flying, the Aerial crew must have all of the equipment listed in the “Current Shoot Equipment” list.
  3. All operations including the use of cameras and filming equipment must have a trained and qualified Director of photography operating the photo equipment
  4. The Helicopter may only be flown over people when the shot has been planned, and all parties involved are aware of the helicopter and are on alert for any sort of emergency.
  5. At the start of each day’s filming the Pilot/Remote Control Operator in Command and the designated production representative will conduct a briefing and/or SAFETY MEETING for the production staff, and those persons necessary for filming, including emergency, safety and security personnel.
  6. In some instances it is necessary to post signage for persons to be made aware of the aerial operation
  7. The Company must maintain a current liability and loss insurance policy on the system


  1. Batteries must wait to cool before charging
  2. Transmitter power must be over 9 Volts to fly.
  3. The System must be inspected every 10 flights.
  4. The system must be rebuilt every 50 flights.
  5. Maintenance must be logged in the maintenance log


  1. The Helicopter may not be flown in Rain or precipitation.
  2. The Helicopter may not be flown in winds that exceeds 15MPH
  3. The Helicopter may not be flown at night unless equipped with lighting to discern orientation
  4. The Pilot has the ultimate decision of when weather is not suitable for flight.

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