Radio Controlled Aerial Cinematography

About Fly Boys Aerial Cinematography

About Fly Boys Aerial Cinematography

We are a Passionate group of film makers excited about amazing aerial cinematography. We capture our film and photos from a variety of cameras and lenses mounted on Radio Controlled Helicopters and Multirotor systems to get the smoothest, most incredible low range aerials. We are a Minnesota based Drone and unmanned, low range aerial company. We shoot for Television, Film, Corporate, Non Profit and more. Our Radio Controlled Airships are safe and reliable. Our Pilots are some of the best in the world.

How Radio Controlled (RC) Aerial Cinematography works

All Aerials are flown with visual line of sight. That means that our RC Heli Pilot controls the aircraft by looking directly at it. Our Camera system sends a wireless video down-link to our ground station that our camera operator controls. The camera operator controls the camera by watching what the camera is seeing, and controlling its direction, focus and other functions to ensure a quality shot.

Types of work
Fly Boys is owned by EideCom Creative Agency. EideCom does Race Filming, Corporate Video Production and more.
Race Films
Motorsports Filming
Aerial Cinematography
Television Production
Commercial Production
Movie Productions
Marathon filming

Post Production

Aerial Cinematography is great, but it is important to have the proper video stabailzation software when you are editing aerials. We use state of the art software that ensures a stable picture every time. When we come out to shoot, we can give you the raw footage, but we recommend that you have us run it through the processing software first. Because we are owned by EideCom Media, we are able to ensure the highest quality on site shooting, as well as a wide selection of post production services such as editing, shooting (air and ground), along with effects, graphics and much more. Contact us today to talk more about your vision.



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