Radio Controlled Aerial Cinematography

FAA Approved 333 Aerial Photography and Cinematography

Aerial Demo from EideCom on Vimeo.

We believe in breathtaking displays & perspectives not seen before. How do we accomplish this? Drone Aerials. For over 17 years, our FAA certified pilots have been mastering the skill of manned and unmanned flight. To put it simply, we are obsessed with anything that flies. We love flying so much, we do it in our spare time. When you marry great passion for aviation with amazing cinematography and photography, you get EideCom aerials. Yea we have the best equipment and yea we can get the shot you are looking for, but our favorite thing to do, is get the shot you did not know was sitting up there waiting to be revealed.

Contact us today. Email or call 612-385-1429. 

Minneapolis Legal Drone Pilot FAA 333 Exempt.png

333 exempt
In this time of drones becoming the new dot com, it’s important to remain safe and compliant with federal regulation. That’s why we are 333exempt. This means we have been approved for legal  commercial operations with drones. Not only are we legal, we go a step further by only operating as full scale FAA certified pilots. This brings an added level of safety, credibility and experience to everything we do in the air.
We are so serious about safe operation, in 2013 we founded FLYSAFE, a training system for drones. FLYSAFE has trained over 500 operators from more than 10 countries. Our proprietary training system is simply the most comprehensive safety-based way for operators to learn the very best there is to offer.
Do you charge money for your service?
Yes. We maintain the highest quality standards as well as bring experience and safety measures to ensure the best outcome for you.
How do you charge for aerial services?
We begin with your budget. Consulting you on your budget is the beginning to a great relationship. We factor time, risk, location and travel as well as necessary people, support and equipment to determine the investment necessary.
What kind of work do you do with drones?
We do video for tv, film, commercial and documentation. We also do stunning aerial drone photography.
Do you do drone mapping or agriculture? 
We do not do Mapping with drones, or agriculture with drones. We would love to refer you to the very best people who can.
What safety guidelines do you operate within? 

We operate using the FLYSAFE guidelines. These guidelines have been developed with the very best minds in the industry to ensure safe and successful drone operations.

Where are you located?

We are located in Minneapolis Minnesota. We are one of the few 333 exempt commercial operators, and even more rare, all of our operators have over 10 years of radio control and drone experience and hold current FAA Private Pilot Certificates or above.



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