Radio Controlled Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Photography is EVERYWHERE.

As I look at the media landscape I realize that Aerial Photography is EVERYWHERE. Think of any Live sporting event…there are aerial shots from the sky looking down at the event site, dome, stadium or skyline. Watch reality TV and see establishing aerial shots from Helicopters, Airplanes, and Radio Controlled units like RC Helis and RC Hexacopters. My point is that Aerial Photography and aerial cinematography increases production value. Instantly.

I think there is a revolution going on where many people are investing in radio controlled drones including helicopters, hexacopters blimps and airplanes. Producers beware!

The thing is….there are 3 kinds of people:

1.RC enthusiasts (people great at flying Radio Control helicopters, drones and hexacopter/octcopters.)
2. Film people, cinematographers, DPs, Directors and more.
3. People who are skilled at both.

Bell Jet Ranger Aerial Cinematography with Gyro

A Warning to those looking for PROFESSIONAL-GRADE aerial cinematography and Aerial Photography: Find #3. Even if it takes a while or costs more. There are plenty of film guru’s who have purchased aerial units and don’t know how to fly them well, so it is very limited in application (not to mention safety, as these units can be VERY dangerous in the wrong hands). Also there are plenty of great RC pilots who know how to fly but don’t understand film/tv. The problem here is that sure they can fly, but can they frame a shot? Can they ensure the entire composition is there? Likely not.

The last thing you want to know is: do they have a good understanding of aviation? Rules? Safety? I am a private pilot. I understand the importance of safety, weather, wind, and situations that are go/no go. What that means is you are less likely to have that uncomfortable call with your insurance carrier telling them why you need to make a claim because you hired an amateur aerial pilot and they damaged something. Not fun.

Something I am excited about is that we offer low range aerials via RC but also via full sized airplane, and helicopter….so no matter the shot, we can get it.

DISCLAIMER: Due to FAA regulations we are only able to fly for demonstration purposes. Contact us today!


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