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Vegas Time!

There are a ton of reasons to go to FLYSAFE Las Vegas but here are the Top 3.

Fly Boys Air

Amazing Aerial Photography and Drone Training

Come out to Las Vegas and see what FLYSAFE is all about!

Use VEGAS14 promo code for -$100 off registration

Drone Training

FLYSAFE Las Vegas!

FLYSAFE just announced they will be having their next Aerial Photography and UAV Training on September 26-28th in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Tickets will be going on sale online July 5th at

aerial photography training

Flying Inside NFL Vikings Draft Party

We got to do some very unique shooting on May 8th at the NFL Minnesota Vikings Draft Party held at the Minneapolis Convention center with over 4,000 passionate fans showing their purple pride! The event and video was produced by  local agency EideCom Media and Events.

Here comes the DJI Ronin

When it comes to Aerial Cinematography or Aerial Photography, stability is key. That is where camera gimbal technology comes in to play. In 2013 Freefly, a company that makes aerial photography platforms for the aerial photography industry, released the Movi, a camera gimbal inspired by radio control aerial photography camera gimbal stabilization. The idea was to take a the camera gimbal off of the drone or flight platform and put it on the ground in the hands of film makers. It is has been debated by many people that the technology used in the Movi was inspired by the technology invented by aerial equipment manufacturer DJI. Just a year later and just before NAB Show, DJI releases the DJI Ronin (Video of Ronin Here). FLYSAFE radio control aerial photography training recently made a post from the floor of NAB showing off the Ronin. The Ronin is a 3 axis camera stabilization system that electronically uses brushless stepper motors and a highly advanced processor to keep a decent size camera suspended. This technology has not been tested on any drone or aerial flight platforms but could prove to be a great tool in aerial cinematography and aerial photography for years to come.

DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin

Selling Real Estate Like Never Before

Here is the edit from FIREHOUSE ROAD who we shot aerials for last summer for The Chapin Estate in New York. This is a unique and compelling marketing piece that we were proud to be a part of!



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